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RTE's Mark bloodied in 'gay bash' gang attack

RTE presenter Mark O'Neill helped gardai make an arrest after he and his partner were attacked in a 'gay-bashing' incident.

The broadcaster of How Low Can You Go had been holding hands with his partner on Patrick Street in the city when the couple was targetted by a gang.

As the gang assaulted them, the two men tried to escape by seeking a taxi. But Mr O'Neill's partner was grabbed as they got into a taxi and was head-butted by one of the attackers.

Mr O'Neill also received injuries which left blood running down his face. The two managed to get away from their three attackers and alerted gardai.

Mr O'Neill was able to able to point out one of the men to gardai. He helped gardai pursue the man who was then arrested.

The attack happened on Thursday night, the evening the RTE star was working as a producer on Gerry Ryan's show Operation Transformation.

A spokesperson for RTE confirmed the attack but said Mr O'Neill had been advised not to comment on the incident.