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RTE's Lucy hoping for an 'Easter bunny' baby as her showbiz pals welcome new arrivals

RTE presenter Lucy Kennedy is hoping for "an Easter bunny baby" as several of her showbiz friends welcomed their own newborns.

TV3 chat-show host Sybil Mulcahy gave birth to her third baby yesterday -- a little boy.

Sybil's TV3 pals wished her the best of luck but so far his name hasn't been revealed.

The Morning Show front-woman (34) and her husband John Prendeville have two other children -- Hugh and Genevieve.

Colette Fitzpatrick posted her best wishes online, saying: "Delighted for my pal and colleague Sybil Mulcahy who had a baby boy this morning."

Sybil was TV3's fifth high-profile employee to become pregnant in the past 12 months.

The baby boom continued in wider showbiz circles as English actress Billie Piper gave birth to her second son with partner Laurence Fox.

Yummy mummy Billie (29) already has a three-year-old son Winston and is said to be doing well after the birth on Thursday. Laurence tweeted: "One born every minute. We had our minute today. Couldn't be happier. Beautiful boy. Everything fine."

But there was no such luck for RTE star Lucy Kennedy.

The radio DJ is now four days past her due date and expects her pregnancy will drag out until after Easter. "Thanks again for all your good lucks. Think baby will arrive after Easter.

"Have a very Happy Easter everyone," she wrote online.

The baby was due on Tuesday -- but Lucy has revealed that there is still no movement.

She even put out an appeal asking for tips on "encouraging babies to make an appearance."

"Bump is staying put no matter what I eat. Someone is too comfy," she said.

Earlier this week Evanne Ni Chuilinn messaged her best wishes as she left hospital with her new baby Seimi.

The RTE pals had been keeping each other updated and had joked how they could see each other in hospital.

Evanne wished her colleague the best of luck with her special delivery.

"An Easter Bunny baby, how cute," she wrote. "Hope you're not too uncomfortable these last few days."