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RTE's big fat blunder over my wedding reality show -- Pippa

MODEL Pippa O'Connor has said her wedding was not "a big fat" one -- even though RTE tried to call it just that.

The makers of a new fly-on-the-wall documentary that follows Pippa down the aisle to marry TV presenter Brian Ormond have cried foul after RTE gave it the wrong title.

In August, the national broadcaster promised Brian and Pippa's Big Fat Wedding as part of its autumn schedule but the bride has now revealed that the show was never supposed to be publicly called that name.

"That was used as a working title because the show didn't have a name. Our producers didn't like the name and neither did I. It's not called that now," she said.


"It didn't really set the tone so it's not that. I think it's called something simple like Brian and Pippa Get Married because it's a one-off."

The couple got married at an old chapel not far from the ancient oak forest near Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, in June.

Speaking to the Herald in New York, where she and Brian were feature guests for the National Lottery's Big Money Game trip, Pippa said the show won't be anything like The Hills.

"People were saying 'oh my God you're doing a reality show', but it's not a reality show, it's a documentary. We're not in The Hills," the model insisted.

"The only way I would sign up to it was if the guys who are producing it allowed us to be completely real. I didn't want to do anything that was false or set-up because people would just think you are morons for doing that."

And she's not worried that some people might view the sight of her jetting to New York to collect her wedding dress as pretentious.

"Hopefully, I'll only ever get married once so if that was my wish and my dream, that's my business. I don't really care what people think of me.

"I think every bride is entitled to go all out for their wedding. I knew what I wanted and I got it and I deserved it," she said.

But with the wedding now over three months ago, the model laughed off speculation that she might hear the pitter patter of tiny feet anytime soon.

"I've recently become an auntie for the first time so that'll keep me going for now. We've three new godchildren between us in the past month," she laughed. "I'm only 27, so I'm still young."

The documentary is expected to air later this month.