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RTE is to blame for our Eurovision flop, says three-times winner Johnny


Eurovision legend Johnny Logan. Photo: manfredbaumann.com

Eurovision legend Johnny Logan. Photo: manfredbaumann.com

Eurovision legend Johnny Logan. Photo: manfredbaumann.com

IRELAND'S most successful Eurovision artist is fuming with RTE's handling of the contest.

Johnny Logan (59), who won the annual song fest three times, feels that Ryan Dolan can't be blamed for our dismal last place finish.

Although invited to the 58th song contest in Malmo arena, he couldn't be there due to commitments in Germany.


But he Skyped advice to Ryan before he performed. Logan said he was dismayed that the young Tyrone man finished last out of 26.

"I would tell Ryan to hold his head up because he pulled off a brilliant performance. He did us proud."

The blame lies, Logan believes, with RTE for their sidelining of the Irish Eurosong competition into The Late Late Show. "I like Ryan Tubridy and the Late Late, but I don't think it's the correct setting to pick our Eurovision song," he said.

"They had an interview with Danny DeVito in the middle of this year's contest. How can that be right?"

Contrast that with the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – where the winning Danish entry Only Teardrops by singer Emmelie de Forest was selected last January, and where Logan performed.

"It was a huge live TV show in front of 15,000 fans at an indoor arena in Herning, Denmark. You get a much better idea of how a song is going to translate to a massive audience at an event like that."

He also dismissed singing last as a reason for our failure, as other winning acts have appeared late in the order.


And Logan reckons that Linda Martin has no reason to be upset by a joke suggesting she was in 'drag' during her 1992 winning performance.

"I know this has been a huge story in Ireland. I have yet to talk to Linda about it, but I don't think she should be offended," he told the Herald.

"It was done tongue in cheek. This is Eurovision and if anyone knows how cheeky Eurovision can be, it's Linda. She's a Eurovision legend and a good friend."

Ireland remains the most successful country in Eurovision history, having won seven times – but our last winning song was in 1996 with The Voice sung by Eimear Quinn.

Winning Eurovision in 1980 with What's Another Year and Hold Me Now in 1987 as well as writing winning song Why Me? for Linda Martin in 1992, provided Logan with a career across Europe where he still enjoys sold-out tours and chart-topping singles. But his appearances in Ireland now are few and far between.