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RTE dresses up changing rooms

IT'S a dressing room fit for Tom Cruise. RTE might be cash-strapped but the broadcaster is determined to keep up appearances.

The station is giving its changing rooms for guests a makeover as part of a refurbishment programme – one room at a time.

"RTE is in a programme of refurbishing one dressing room per year as these dressing rooms date back to 1981. There is an overall maintenance and refurbishment plan.

"The total cost of the refurbishment since January 2012 to date is €12,138," explained a Freedom of Information response.

There are 15 dressing rooms in total in the RTE Television Centre and two chorus room available for programmes like The Late Late Show, The Saturday Night Show and Saturday Night With Miriam.

"The dressing rooms are not specifically linked to any programme or presenter," RTE said.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise (50) received the A-list treatment from Montrose, after apparently benefiting from a refurbished dressing room for his high profile interview on The Late Late Show.

Late Late host Ryan Tubridy pre-recorded a special interview with Cruise and his Oblivion co-star Olga Kurylenko in April.

The Top Gun star spoke of his pride in his Irish roots which date back to the 12th century.