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Roz's comedy show could make her 'female Ali G'

MODEL Roz Lipsett's new satirical show could see her dubbed the 'female Ali G'.

Straywave boss Steve McCormack, who produces Dublin Wives, has been working on a new show with the AR model.

But Roz (26) questioned the title. "I don't know if I'm the female Ali G, maybe the female Bruno," she laughed.

The Rathgar native is keen to move into the world of TV presenting and comedy acting.

"I love comedy acting; I don't take myself too seriously," she said.

"I did some presenting stuff when I lived in New York. I worked as a sous chef on the Food Network show Dinner Impossible. That was so much fun because I love presenting and cooking."

McCormack has just finished cutting the topical comedy show and says it's similar in style and content to hit US show The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

"Everything is still very up in the air," the Celebrity Salon producer said. "But it's kind of like John Stewart's show.

"Taking politics and political situations and making them lighter. We have some great writers on board including Abie Philbin Bowman and Brian Moss."

McCormack says that model Roz has great comic timing. "Roz is an amazing comic actress, she really gets comedy. We haven't pitched the series to anyone yet but we're in the process of cutting it. I'm really happy with it."

Over the past few years Roz has been splitting her time between Ireland and New York. She recently moved from Morgan the Agency and signed up with Andrea Roche. But Roz says that acting is the direction she would like her career to move in.

"The really nice thing about doing TV work and acting is that it's more personality based, which is brilliant."

Nearly every Irish model has made an appearance on RTE laughfest Republic Of Telly and Roz says she would be delighted to feature in the series.

"I love that show, I think it's hilarious. I would definitely do it," she told the Herald.