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Roz is too busy for romance especially with 'pal' Tommy

WHO needs a gnarly old billionaire when you've got Tommy Bowe in your sights?

Dublin's hottest new model Rozanna Purcell and the Ospreys winger have set tongues wagging after an alleged rendezvous at the weekend.

Irish star Tommy was in town following Ospreys' match with Leinster on Friday night, and the pair were spotted together at The Dame Tavern on Saturday night, looking very cosy together.

Despite their seeming compatibility, Roz told the Diary today that there is no truth to the gossip, explaining that she's far too busy to even think about her love life at the moment.

"We're just friends," she laughed. "I don't know where these things come from.

"I hadn't really heard anything about it because most people would just know that we're friends and wouldn't even think to ask if there's anything going on.

"I'm single at the moment, I'm just too busy," she added.

The ambitious Tipperary beauty is currently back home and has been working non-stop following the Christmas break.

It won't be long until she is enjoying sunnier climes, however, given that she is jetting to South Africa on February 1.


Roz is set to spend two months working there as she continues to build her portfolio. And while South Africa has gained a reputation for its high crime rate, Rozanna insists she has no fears about travelling around the country alone.

"Everywhere I go people are always saying it's a dangerous place to be. I spent a lot of time in South America last year and it was the same," Roz said.

"You just have to know where to go. I'm sure I'll meet other girls over there and I'll get the lowdown from them.

"I've travelled alone for quite a while now, I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm also quite lucky in that my cousins have a house over there so they'll be there for one of the months that I'm there.

"I'm just planning to build up my book as it's summer and swimwear season there at the moment," she added.

Afterwards, Rozanna is planning to travel to South Korea or Singapore, before returning to her adopted home of New York.

She will be pencilling in a return visit to Ireland next summer, given that she is due to hand over her Miss Universe Ireland crown.

Roz admits that she will be sorry to see her reign come to an end, but is hoping to help groom her successor ahead of her participation in the Miss Universe finals.

She is also hoping to fit in a few weeks in California.

"I really want to go to LA for the summer, I know a lot of people there and it would be great to take a few acting lessons.

"I'm not setting anything down in stone, but it's something I would be interested in. I haven't thought too much about returning to college, I've deferred for a couple of years so I have plenty of time to think about it," she added.

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