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Roz cooking up a storm ahead of Ironman challenge

AS a model she has to watch what she eats, but Roz Purcell is getting to enjoy as much food as she wants while training for the Ironman this May.

The former Miss Universe Ireland is currently in training for the challenge, which is to take place in Austria.

And although catwalk queens typically rule out sugary treats or high-calorie snacks, Tipperary native Roz is making the most of being allowed to tuck in to whatever tickles her fancy.

"I'm getting up and working out or going for long cycles before work in the mornings, or in the afternoons in between jobs," she told the Herald.

"I love baking and cooking and spend most of my time doing it, so with a triathlon around the corner I can have whatever I like because your body just keeps burning calories and using up energy throughout the day."

The 23-year-old beauty, who is dating The Voice of Ireland coach Bressie, turned out yesterday with TV chef Andrew Rudd to help launch IKEA Dublin's new METOD Kitchen range.


Roz is spending every free minute she has in the kitchen at the moment.

She is rustling up a culinary storm for her new food blog, Natural Born Feeder, which launches next week.

"The other night I was up until all hours with my sister making protein souffles with peanut butter – they were amazing," she said.

"I'm getting really into experimenting."

But in between all the photoshoots, training stints and kitchen sessions, Roz says she's become a bit of a hermit.

"Unfortunately my social life is totally non-existent at the moment, because with everything going on I'm absolutely wrecked in the evenings," she added.

"I literally fall into bed."