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Rosanna's geek makeover even fools singer dad Chris de Burgh

IT'S not easy to transform a former Miss World into a geeky, shy student.

But here's Herald columnist Rosanna Davison (26) looking virtually unrecognisable after RTE's Anonymous treatment.

Rosanna will hit the small screen next week sporting oversized glasses, a shaggy ginger wig and frumpy clothes -- and even manages to fool her father, Chris de Burgh.

And the beauty has revealed it took four hours to transform her into Tipperary Trinity student Aideen Cowley as she set about 'punking' her family and friends on the Jason Byrne -fronted show.

"I embraced the opportunity of a couple of days of blissful anonymity and the added bonus of playing pranks on strangers, family and friends," she said.

Filming took place in Dublin over the course of two days, starting at an an eye-watering 4.30am to apply the full prosthetic face.

Her character's tasks included collecting DNA samples from passerbys and seeing if she could get someone to go on a date with her.

Speaking about her character, Rosanna explained: "She is shy and nervous around everybody -- so pretty much the opposite of me!

"The prosthetic mask featured a big acne break-out plus a really crusty, cold-sore mouth.

"Not one person recognised me . . . I spoke to my parents, my uncle and four girlfriends. None of them knew it was me!"

Anonymous will screen on RTE2 on Monday March 28 at 9.55pm