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Rosanna's best pal reveals the truth behind that Marrakech trip

Sarah Leckie, a friend who urged Rosanna Davison to jet off on her now infamous trip to Marrakech with developer Johnny Ronan, has spoken to the Evening Herald

Leckie (25), a socialite from Enniskerry, joined the former Miss World on the whirlwind Moroccan trip alongside millionaire property tycoon Johnny and a pal in March after a day of partying at the nearby Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Although the top model has often spoken out about the fact she embraced the spontaneous nature of the trip, Sarah has chosen to stay out of the limelight and let her pal take the lead.

However, she told the Herald that she has "no regrets" about the trip and suggested that it was "blown out of all proportion" by the media.

"I'm sort of taking a backseat on this, I'm not really saying anything," Sarah told the Herald.

"Basically it was a bit of fun, it was a spur of the moment thing. No regrets. I fully believe, like Rosie does, in taking every opportunity and living life to the full, so it was a bit of fun."

And she added that had the highly publicised spat between Johnny and his ex-girlfriend Glenda Gilson, dubbed the 'Rumble in Ranelagh', not taken place just days prior to their Marrakech trip, there wouldn't have been such an interest.

"If the Glenda thing hadn't happened it wouldn't have been a big deal. I think it was because it happened straight after."

Sarah admitted that she gave the extra push for the impromptu trip after recently hearing how great Morocco was, but revealed she never thought they would actually go.

"I've been to Morocco before. I don't really know where it came from, my friend had been recently and she was saying how great it was.

"It was Johnny that said 'Let's get out of here, I've got the jet on standby'. And I totally said 'Let's go to Morocco'.

"I had just been saying how close it was and how nice the weather was, not thinking for a moment anything was ever going to happen.

"But the next thing we knew we were on our way to get our passports and at the airport.

"It was bizarre and just happened so quickly. We were only gone for just less than two days."

Although they are neighbours in Enniskerry, Rosanna and Sarah are close because of their college days, studying in UCD together.

Sarah has been close to the catwalk queen since before she took the Miss World crown in 2003 but avoided the glare of the limelight.