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Rosanna parties with tycoon and ski resort's champagne showers

Rosanna Davison has been living it up on her plush ski holiday.

The former Miss World was seen partying at the upscale Val D'Isere resort, after she abruptly announced last week that she would be jetting off to the French hideaway instead of attending the VIP Style Awards.

The beauty queen has rarely been out of the headlines since her now-infamous 36-hour trek to Morocco with Glenda Gilson's ex, Johnny Ronan, and according to witnesses, she's certainly been enjoying herself on her last-minute holiday without her other half Wesley Quirke.

Rosanna was spotted lapping it up with pals in the VIP area of the Folie Douce club at her resort, where she was rubbing shoulders with some of the wealthiest people in the area.

The 26-year old model was seen partying it up alongside a mystery British millionaire who was visiting the plush resort and who spent thousands buying drinks for everyone.

One insider explained that: "There was a millionaire there, who supposedly is separating from his wife and he keeps leaving money behind the bar saying 'my wife's not getting a penny of it'.

"He was throwing bottles of champagne around the place, having fun.

"I doubt she knew what this story was though -- apparently he's a legend around these parts for just being a lunatic and for spending all his money before his wife gets it."

Onlookers have reported that she was dancing on tables along with friends and was seen blowing off steam at the "mental" club.

"They were up on the VIP area, where you had to buy a magnum bottle of champagne just to get in," one onlooker said.

"[She was] standing up on chairs dancing, it's a mental place.

"There was a couple of them there, she wasn't with Wesley though."

In her third foreign holiday this year, the top model has been indulging in the exclusive club's luxurious atmosphere.

The Folie Douce club sees hundreds of skiers every day soaking up the atmosphere after a day on the slopes.

Also in attendance at the resort was controversial racing driver Barry Hallion, the Fiat driver who was suspended from racing last June after being found with traces of cannabis in his system during a test at Mondello.

Hallion was seen briefly chatting with the model and she stopped for a photo next to him.

Another witness said: "She was partying, having a bit of fun. Nothing of any major consequence, but like everybody else she was having a bit of fun."

They explained how "wild" the club gets, saying: "The music is really loud and the guy is standing up on the bar spraying champagne everywhere for about half an hour.

"The DJs change every day, and we just had so much fun."

Rosanna told the Herald that she was having a "great" holiday and celebrated St Patrick's Day by dressing up for the occasion.