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Rosanna contemplates baring all

SO my close friend and Herald colleague, Rosanna Davison is going to bare all for Playboy.

Why am I not shocked? Well first of all, when last week in the Dubliner I saw Rosie doing rather naughty things with some whipped cream, I nearly choked on my organic muesli.

It brought a little glow to my heart though and made me look forward even more to the Herald columnists lunch next week.

And I thought what can Playboy do that Dubliner hasn't already?

WHEN I heard an adult magazine was in the market for some naked shots of a Herald columnist, I was shocked.

I was preparing my polite excuses when I heard that Playboy had in fact approached my esteemed colleague Rosanna Davison. It was a crushing blow -- but seriously, I am delighted for her. Rosanna's a canny lass and she knows what's best for her career. I'm an Ireland's Own man myself, but I've no doubt Rosie's edition will sell like hotcakes. Fair play to her.