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Rosanna and Marisa work on new children's book

Herald columnists Rosanna Davison and Marisa Mackle have joined forces again to bring out another children's book.

The pair have completed work on their third children's book, with the former Miss World providing the illustrations for it. Due out around Easter, the new offering is entitled Scary Mary.

Speaking at the launch of her latest offering, Along Came A Stork, former air hostess Marisa says it's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since she published her first ever book, Mr Right For The Night.

She described the past decade as a "rollercoaster" and said she can't believe she has now published 17 books.

Her new book is now going down a storm among Ireland's fellow mums and has gone into the top slot in the Tesco book chart.

But Marisa admits that she had some pretty skewed ideas about being an author when she first started out in the business.

"I thought that you wrote a book and became an instant millionaire," she said. "I thought it was better than getting a lottery ticket and then you realise the actual reality of it is very, very different."

She added how her latest book is all about life as a single mum -- and she wrote it when her young son Gary (3), pictured left, was three months old.

"It's probably not something I could write now but it's all about bringing up a child on your own while trying not to have a nervous breakdown," she explained.

Launched last night at Dubray books on Grafton Street by fellow yummy mummy Alison Canavan, her good pal Rosanna also popped in to show her support.