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Ronan packs his bags but his wedding ring stays on


LOVE cheat Ronan Keating is clinging on to his marriage and still wearing his wedding ring despite packing up his belongings at his north Co Dublin home -- and this morning returning to do the school run.

Ronan (33) and his estranged wife Yvonne (36) were snapped packing up his belongings for his three-month stint in Australia.

The couple appeared tense and silent as they packed up the singer's personal belongings.

And despite the fact that Yvonne has ditched her wedding ring in a clear message to the Boyzone frontman, Ronan was clinging to any hope of reconciliation by still wearing his.

Time is running out for the celebrity couple to patch things up before Ronan jets to Australia to act as a judge in X Factor there, and yesterday the pair left the plush Abington estate in Malahide in different vehicles after packing their bags and having them driven away.

Relations between Ronan and Yvonne seemed strained and tense as Ronan put one of the kids into Yvonne's car before jumping into his own Land Rover.

Ronan scurried in and out of the house several times during the day with a stern face and his eyes hidden behind dark glasses, refusing to acknowledge the media attention outside.

He was mostly driven in and out through the electronic gates behind the tinted windows of his Land Rover by eager pals, but also took the short stroll to the local creche with daughter Ali early in the morning.

Meanwhile, Yvonne was elegant and dignified, politely saying she had no comment to make as she carried her young daughter Ali from the local creche at 1pm.

She even managed a smile and a joke, saying she was glad the sun was shining for the reporters and photographers.

A jeep belonging to a Kildare property company owned by Yvonne's brother James Connolly delivered several cases and a golf club carrying case to the house yesterday afternoon.

Later, Celia Ahern's partner, David Keoghan, a close friend of the Keatings, came to collect more bags and the golf clubs.

Hours later the Keatings left the plush home that has become the centre of attention for the past week after the couple announced their split amid the allegations that Ronan had fallen for a dancer.

Ronan is now up against the clock to try to persuade Yvonne to take him back before he departs for Australia to be an X Factor judge.

His management spoke to Channel 7 executives yesterday to confirm he would honour the contract.

"There were concerns about the recent reports about his marriage but executives spoke to him and as far as we are concerned it's all going ahead as planned," a show executive said.