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Ronan - I want to save my marriage

RONAN Keating has told friends he still wants to save his marriage.

The star is desperate to win Yvonne back and has insisted to pals that he will not give up on their 12-year relationship.

The singer broke down in tears after spending the night at a pal’s house.

Ronan told a close friend: “I’m not giving up on my marriage. I want to win Yvonne back and patch things up.”

Ronan’s plea comes as reports emerged of alleged secret texts between the star and Boyzone dancer Francine Cornell.

However, close pal and manager Louis Walsh told the Herald that all may not be lost between the troubled couple.

“I reckon Ronan and Yvonne will get back together. I believe they could still sort this out between them,” he said.

“This may not be the end of the road.”

“Ronan hasn’t slept a wink. He’s desperately worried he’s lost Yvonne forever. He knows he made a terrible mistake.

“But he is ready to fight to save their marriage and has even told Yvonne he will quit plans to go to Australia for three months if she takes him back,” a source added.

Ronan’s attempts to salvage his relationship with the mother of his three children continued as more claims of an alleged affair emerged.


It was reported that Yvonne discovered suggestive texts on husband Ronan’s secret phone to dancer Francine Cornell.

The sexy text messages blew Yvonne’s world apart and were the catalyst for the split, it has been claimed.

The suggestive messages on a secret mobile phone, owned by her pop star husband, were found by accident but as Yvonne scrolled through the texts they left little to the imagination.

She immediately confronted Ronan who “knew he was completely busted and put his hands up to it all.

“There was no point denying it. He broke down in tears and admitted everything”, said a source.

It is understood Yvonne knew nothing of the existence of the phone and found it by chance.

Just like Elin Woods, wife of star golfer Tiger, Yvonne was horrified and heartbroken by the phone disclosures.

“He spent about an hour trying to talk Yvonne round but she kept shaking her head and crying her eyes out. At one point she just screamed at him ‘get out’. Ronan feels he’s ruined his life. It’s a complete mess.

“He’s desperate to get things back on track but it won’t be easy. Yvonne says his betrayal has destroyed everything and she will never get over it”.

Publicity king Max Clifford believes that Ronan “needs some good PR advice” at this difficult time.


The singer has long been regarded as a family man whose clean-cut image could appeal to a broad span from pre-teens to house wives.

Recently he has been part of a major Nintendo campaign appearing alongside his wife and children in a television advert for the Japanese company.

Clifford believed the couple’s decision to issue a statement announcing the end of their marriage could have been a preemptive strike against a story in a Sunday newspaper.

But he added “At the same time it could be nothing more than common sense. Has he got a family image? Is that part of his success? This is only something which can be decided by his fans”.