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Ronan and Yvonne will NOT renew wedding vows

RONAN Keating's agent has dismissed reports that he's renewing his vows with estranged wife Yvonne.

A representative for Dawbell PR agency in London, which put out the original statement on their split last May, has said the claims are false.

Stuart Bell said reports that the pair are renewing their vows in a double celebration are 100pc inaccurate.

And he said the couple are not back together.

"There's no truth to that whatsoever, we don't have any idea where that came from," he told the Herald.

It was suggested that Ronan (33), who was linked with backing dancer Francine Cornell, was due to swap vows with Yvonne (36) for a third time in a bid to put the past behind them.

The pair, who have three children Jack (11), Marie (9) and Ali (4), got married in the Caribbean in 1998.

It was suggested that they might be planning a make-up ceremony in Australia followed by a second function in Ireland for close family and pals. However, despite the crooner's fans hoping for a reconciliation between him and his wife, that is not on the cards.

Yvonne flew to Australia with their family last month to join him while he filmed X Factor -- but she has not taken him back.

"Whatever else happens between them, Ronan and Yvonne are determined that the children won't suffer because of it," said a source.


"She's a brilliant mum and she's doing what's best for the kids. The separation is amicable and they will continue to work on their changed relationship for the sake of their family."

Ronan recently made a brief trip back to Europe to perform two gigs in the UK, jetting back for a night out in Dublin before flying back.

During one of his performances, he finally broke his silence on the turmoil in his personal life.

He made his comments during a stint at the Henley Festival in the UK, where he was pictured still wearing his wedding ring.

"Thanks so much for all your support. You were the ones who kept me going. It's been a really scary time," he stated.

The pair are clearly on better terms than before though -- they were photographed together for the first time since the split during a day out in Sydney.