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Romance? I'm just too busy to find my own leading man says Sarah

As one of our most beautiful young actresses, it's only natural that Dublin starlet Sarah Bolger has been linked with a string of handsome men.

But the TV daughter of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the steamy historical drama series The Tudors has exclusively revealed that she is definitely on the market for 2010.

And she has rubbished reports linking her romantically with the handsome son of the former US ambassador to Ireland, Tom Foley Jnr.

The young pair set tongues wagging after turning up to see his dad, also called Tom, marry former White House lawyer Leslie Ann Fahrenkopf at a lavish VIP ceremony in Celbridge last year.

Attendees at the exclusive bash included RTE's Gerry Ryan with girlfriend Melanie Verwoerd, U2's Larry Mullen, Pat Kenny and wife Cathy alongside Gay Byrne with Kathleen Watkins.


However, Sarah (18) has insisted that she is definitely not dating the strapping American, nor anyone else, as she's too busy concentrating on her career.

"No I wish - that would be good. To be honest, I've been single a long time. I've had a load of guy friends and the papers write this stuff about you, like what happened with me and Tom, that was ridiculous. He's my best friend, but there's no romance there," she said.

One of the stars of the Oscar-nominated movie In America, she has been catapulted into the TV limelight too, thanks to her role as Princess Mary in the Tudors, for which she has been nominated for an IFTA.

And despite her tender years, she insists her parents have no problem with her co-starring in such a saucy series detailing the exploits of her bed-hopping father King Henry VIII.

"I have to admit, my character is the least sexually active! I had dresses that were buttoned up the whole way to the neck so I was quite modest -- but the Tudors is what it is. It's like the historical soap opera of the TV world -- I loved working on it. They have been like a family to me for the last three years.

She also shot down reports that the lead actor's well-documented battle with the booze ever spilled over onto the set of the Irish-based drama.

"He's amazing, I absolutely love him. It's such a gentleman. You read so much stuff in the press but I'm honestly never experienced anything like that," she said. "Any day I've been on set, he's always in on time and he knows not only your lines but the entire script - he's such a perfectionist."

The year ahead is also going to be a busy one for young Sarah, as she will be making a new movie with Mary Harren, the director of American Psycho.