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Roll it there, Brendan: it's Mrs Brown's 'filum'


Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown

Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown

Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown

IT'S all kicking off on the set of the Mrs Brown's Boys movie.

Creator Brendan O'Carroll sat down with the cast and crew for the first official read of the script last week.

And according to Paddy Houlihan, who plays the part of Dermot Brown, filming the feature film is going to be a totally unique experience.

"It will be different that's for sure. We read the script last week and there is going to be a lot of external stuff," Paddy told The Herald. "So that's going to be very different because the TV series is all filmed in studio.

"And there won't be any audience there, which will be completely new because the audience have always been such a big part of the stage and TV show.

"But having them there during the filming of the movie isn't really a possibility," he said.

"We would have to spend the whole time carting them about to the different locations. Which would be a bit much," he laughed.

The €4.5m movie, Mrs Brown De Filum, will follow the trials and tribulations of outspoken matriarch Agnes Brown.


The movie follows on from the hit TV series which raked in staggering viewing figures; nearly one million viewers tuned into RTE to watch the Christmas special The Virgin Mammy.

Filming for the movie will start in August around Dublin city centre. "It's all go at the moment," Paddy said.

"Even just hearing people talking about locations and reading big names like Pinewood Studios is amazing. We're really excited and we can't wait to start on it now. I think the really great thing is that it's going to show Dublin off in such a fantastic light.

"We're keeping it at home and there will be a big Irish cast so that's good news too."

And Paddy says the script is packed full of mad-cap antics and slapstick shenanigans.

"We had a great giggle over the script. When you read it, you can't believe the stuff he has us doing.

"He has us doing some crazy stuff. It's a bit worrying.

"You never know how things are going to turn out, though.

"I think Brendan is the only guy with a clear cut idea of what is going on and he's playing his cards close to his chest."