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Rockin' good exhibition for Philo's 60th birthday

Family and fans of legendary rock singer Phil Lynott are planning a major exhibition to mark what would have been his 60th birthday.

The Green Gallery in Dublin will pay tribute to the Thin Lizzy frontman later this month with a collection of works inspired by him. Dermot O'Grady of the Gallery said: "The exhibition will be paintings and memorabilia and we are hoping to have a tribute band."

The rocker, who died from heart failure at the age of 36, was honoured with Leo Higgins' bronze statue near Bruxelles pub, just off Grafton Street, on his 56th birthday.

The gallery will exhibit a major selection of fine art paintings, limited edition signed prints and some precious memorabilia supplied by his mother, Philomena Lynott.

"I thought the exhibition would be a great idea and Phyllis said the same thing," said Dermot. "She pops into the gallery on a regular basis, she's a friend."

He explained that the idea for the exhibition came about when Colin Wedick, who runs a Phil Lynott website, and the Roisin Dubh Trust decided to do something to mark Phil's birthday.

Dermot added: "I'm a huge fan and Mark Baker is an artist in the gallery and he does great paintings of Phil, so it all tied together."

The gallery is in St Stephen's Green shopping centre, so there is a "huge passing trade. It is the perfect place, it close to the bronze statue of Phil, so it all ties together."

"I saw Thin Lizzy live three times. What a performer -- he was lanky and thin but he'd stretch himself across the stage. He was an amazing songwriter," said Mr O'Grady.

The exhibition will run from August 20, Phil's birthday, to August 29, and Philomena Lynott will perform the official opening.

It runs from the 20th to the 29th of August in the green Gallery on the top floor of Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.

Profits from the event will also be given to Roisin Dubh Trust charity.