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Rockers Aslan stamp on An Post 'snub'

ROCKERS Aslan are preparing to wage war on An Post, after they were snubbed by the Irish postal service's new 'top bands collection.'

The Herald can reveal the Dublin group -- Christy Dignam, Joe Jewell, Billy McGuinness, Alan Downey and Rodney O'Brien -- have hit back by having their own stamp designed, which bears a picture of the group and their official logo.

The mock-up Aslan postage stamp, which can be seen here exclusively, is even marked with a cost price of 55c.

An Post's new collection will feature four of the country's top showbands including Dickie Rock and The Miami Showband, Joe Dolan and the Drifters, The Royal Showband and The Freshmen.

However, Aslan lead guitarist Billy McGuinness claimed many of the country's top rock bands had been overlooked by An Post.

The group are hoping that handing out their stamp to fans may sway the company, in which the Government is a shareholder, to reconsider its choices.

"We decided to put our own stamp together to get them thinking really and show that there are a lot of talented rock bands who've been overlooked," Billy told the Herald.

"We don't necessarily want them to feature us on a stamp but there are some brilliant up and coming bands that they've overlooked, like The Coronas. Why not put them on a stamp?

"We got 3,000 stamps done up and we're going to give them out at our Olympia gig on March 16. It holds 1,500, so we'll have the same amount again to bring over to Australia with us when we head over there on tour in April.

"Wouldn't it be funny if people started sending back post from Oz with our stamp on it? It would definitely get the message across, as long as we don't get saddled with a huge bill from An Post," he laughed.

Billy went on to explain how the band are currently in talks with pop mogul Louis Walsh for teen sensations Jedward to cover their hit Crazy World.

The X Factor judge had previously hoped Boyzone or Westlife would take on the world-renowned song, but has since told the band that he thinks the Lucan twins would be the perfect fit.

Billy said: "It's definitely our biggest song. No matter where you go in the States, if you go into a pub where there is a jukebox, you'll find Crazy World.

"Every time we meet Louis he asks us about doing a cover of it.

"His latest idea is Jedward and to be honest we'd be on board. Just think of the royalties we'd get."