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Rising star Bianca sets her sights on music stardom

MOVE over Jedward, Dublin has a new budding superstar on the scene.

Actress and singer Bianca O'Connor has her sights set on becoming Ireland's next big thing in the music industry.

The Santry girl, who has already had her taste of fame acting alongside Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson, wants to take over the pop world and make it in America -- and she hasn't even released her first record yet.

But Bianca (19) is no stranger to the limelight.

At the age of 12, she landed an acting role on Neil Jordan's hit film Breakfast On Pluto.

She made headlines for her performance as Young Charlie in Jordan's 2005 flick and says she definitely wants a larger-than-life career in show business. "It was a great experience, the best five months ever. They put me up in a five-star hotel in Kilkenny for the entire shoot, I loved it."

Now the songstress is gearing up for the release of her debut single With Me -- about her ex-boyfriend and the ups and downs of relationships.

"I've always wanted to be a pop singer -- in college in London they focus a lot on singing and acting and I definitely wanted to go down that path."


After a stint in Monkstown College of Dance, Bianca decided she wanted to make a career out of song and dance. In 2009, aged 16, she was accepted into a performance college in London and moved over on her own to hone her talent, living with a host family.

"It was scary and the course was really intense, from eight in the morning to 6pm everyday, but it was all worth it. As soon as I came home I started writing music and we've just got the master track of all the hard work.

"It's my dream to be launched in America and move there too -- so at the moment we're sending my demos to labels."

Irish designer Clare Garvey has also agreed to sponsor the young singer for all her shoots and events after the single launches. "I had a meeting with her last week, her clothes are amazing -- it's a really exciting time."

Of course, every star needs a stage name and Bianca is going by her alternate surname of Whyte. "My stage name is for my grandad.

"That's his name and he's sick in hospital at the moment, so it's in dedication to him," she told the Herald.