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RiRi plans to 'hit town hard' after gig


Rihanna on stage in London

Rihanna on stage in London

Rihanna on stage in London

SHE has scandalised farmers in fields, laid down tracks in Temple Bar and partied in O'Donoghue's in Dublin.

And this weekend Rihanna (25) is planning on partying like there's no tomorrow in some of Dublin's chicest nightclubs.

But not all of RiRi's extensive entourage will be invited. According to her drummer, Chris Johnson, the band is driving out of the city the minute the concert finishes.

"We finish the gig and then we drive straight out to the Netherlands. It's a pretty intense schedule," Johnson told the Herald. "We started rehearsals on January 3, and have been going since then – so it's a long ride, but a fun one."


However, RiRi, who is rumoured to be staying at the Merrion Hotel, will hit some of Dublin's liveliest bars and nightclubs.

"Rihanna loves Dublin," an insider said. "She has Saturday off, so she'll be taking full advantage of that. She's planning on hitting the town hard. She'll be buzzing after the performance, so will be well up for fun."

RiRi's management company have contacted several well-known Dublin clubs enquiring about their VIP areas.

Rihanna is predicted to head to the Grafton Lounge or Lillie's Bordello.

"Rihanna knows how to have a good time. She'll have a pretty tight crew with her – a select group of friends and dancers," the source said.

"It's going to be a late one. Dublin is a special place for her, so she'll want to make the most of her time here."