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RiRi is surprisingly shy off stage, says her drummer


Rihanna. Photo: Getty

Rihanna. Photo: Getty

Rihanna. Photo: Getty

SHE'S known for her risque dance moves and barely there outfits.

But, according to Rihanna's drummer Chris Johnson, RiRi is quiet once she's off stage.

Chris is touring with the Bajan beauty (25) and will perform tomorrow night in Dublin's Aviva stadium as part of the Diamonds Tour.

"You know Rihanna is surprisingly shy and quite closed off," he told the Herald. "She keeps herself to herself."

But when she's standing in the spotlight Chris says Rihanna is transformed into a different woman.

"When she is doing the photo shoots and shows, it's all entertainment. It's entertainment versus who she actually is."

In fact, the drummer says Rihanna is the most laid-back artist he's ever worked with.

"It's less stress than any other gig I have ever done.

"She is such an easy-going artist – easy to work with, there are no airs there, and she's straight with you.

"The only thing you have to worry about is making it down to the lobby parlour on time and recovering from the night before," he laughed.

But Rihanna and the band won't have time to party when they're in Dublin.

"We finish the gig and then we drive straight out to the Netherlands. It's a pretty intense schedule.

"We started rehearsals on January 3 and have been going since then so it's a long ride."

Tomorrow night Rihanna's global Diamonds Tour will roll into town. The Rude Boy singer has got mixed reviews in the UK after making punters wait for two hours before she took to the stage and looking bored.