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Revealed: Tubridy plumps for Meryl Streep's €3,000 luxury chair for his Late Late hotseat

The same designer chair used by Meryl Streep in the hit film The Devil Wears Prada will be a part of the new Late Late show set.

RTE has kept a shroud of secrecy over the design of the set since it was announced in May that Ryan Tubridy would be taking over.

But as Friday's big day nears, the Herald can reveal some of what viewers should expect.

Guests will be sitting on three 'Fabricius' armchairs made by German designer Walter Knoll.

Ryan himself will be getting comfortable in the 'Una' chair by ICF which are available at a cost of more than €3,000.

The luxurious chair is growing in popularity among studios, and is the exact model used by Streep's character as the ice queen editor of the fictitious Runway magazine in the hit movie.

Although RTE has been constantly slashing budgets in recent months, it seems no expense was spared for the new format.

The set designers are clearly distinguishing Ryan's style from that of his predecessor, Pat Kenny.

However, producers are planning to keep to the same winning format of guests and music favoured by viewers over the years.

Set changes include traditional wood panelling set off against psychedelic purple diamonds on a black background, with Tubridy appearing through red curtains and taking his seat at a wooden desk with glass panelling on a raised dais.

The set is just one of many changes the show is undergoing, with a transformation of the Late Late Band as well as bringing back some old favourites from Gay Byrne's reign as host.

In an interview with RTE Guide last week, Ryan said: "There's a new set and there will be a house-band.

I'm really happy about that and you will see familiar faces in that line-up." The intro music is a jazzed up version of To Whom It Concerns, the show's distinctive original theme tune, which was used during Gay Byrne's time as host until Pat Kenny took over in 1999.

Tubridy has reinstated Gay Byrne's traditional 'one for everyone in the audience' but has decided to stick with the successful format already in place which includes three guests, a couple of musical interludes and a phone in contest.