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Republic of Telly returns in style

The new series of The Republic of Telly kicks off on Monday at 9:30pm on RTE Two and it's going to be a deadly season.

On Tuesday we were busy filming a new sketch in the Project Arts Centre.

We were staging 'TV3: the musical' and basically just having a bit of fun about all the shows on the station. It's very silly.

I had to wear a business suit and pretend to be one of the director generals of the station.



Then I put on some fake tan and dressed up as one of the glam Xpose girls.

Myself and two other actresses wore these figure-hugging dresses with different products stuck all over them – because of all the product placement on the show.

The other actresses had cereal boxes and makeup on them but I got the short end of the stick and had to tape boxes of Canesten cream to my dress; which was delightful.

Kevin McGahern is the new presenter on the Republic of Telly and he's amazing. He has worked with us before and he's so much fun. Plus, he's gorgeous and has fantastic hair. I know he's going to do a great job.