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Rehearsal demands force Mary off Late Late

X FACTOR star Mary Byrne has had to cancel an appearance on tonight's Late Late show because of the demands of the TV talent show.

Mary made a brief visit home to Dublin this week to see her family but has been ordered back for X Factor rehearsals today.

Meanwhile, X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has shocked fans by admitting he is ready to leave the show.

He has also warned the other judges that all of their jobs are under threat.

Judge Louis Walsh, Mary's mentor, said he still planned to have the Dublin Tesco worker on The Late Late show.

He had hoped to do it tonight "but the X Factor schedule doesn't allow it", he said.

"She's taking part in a big group performance of all the finalists on the show this weekend and she has to be at the studios for rehearsals on Friday.

"Hopefully she'll do the Late Late and thank everyone for their support next Friday instead," he added.

Mary's dramatic exit from the X Factor last weekend smashed all ratings figures for TV3 as a record 911,000 viewers tuned in.

This was the highest rating in the station's 12-year history and audience figures peaked at one stage at a massive 1.38 million viewers as fans waited for Mary's final judgment.

Cowell (51) has said he does not know if he will be back as a judge on the next X Factor season.

"I haven't made up my mind yet. I don't know if I will be back. I think we should be judged as well as the contestants, I don't want to look like a mug.

"We've taken some flak this year but I've done my best to make the show more interesting. It always causes controversy but I'd rather that than be doing something boring and predictable." He says tomorrow night's final will be "all-out-war. Nobody's pretending to like each other because they don't.

"I want to win".

Meanwhile, Irish X Factor finalist Niall Horan has admitted that One Direction's female fans can be a bit "scary".

The 17-year-old says while they love all the attention, "it does get out of control at times and we think 'this is crazy'.

"It's great that people appreciate us and want to see us but sometimes it's a little scary."