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Red-carpet celebs see me coming now - Jen

broadcaster Jennifer Maguire has revealed there will be fewer controversial red carpet vox pops on the new series of Republic of Telly because celebs have told her to get lost.

Jennifer (33) admitted that her popular red carpet segment, where she insults A-listers, is being wound down because of a lack of good events.


"We've done fewer vox pops because I've been to every event going, I've done them all 10 times over," she said.

"There might be one or two big red carpets, but I can't do them in Ireland because they just tell me to 'eff off'.

"They are tough gigs though, you have to fight for your place behind that rope, you have to get the celebs' attention," she revealed.

Jen also revealed that they're hoping to get panto queen Twink on the hit comedy show.

"We have a sketch written for her and all."