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Real vice girls were inspiring - Love/Hate star Susan

LOVE/HATE star Susan Loughnane met former prostitutes to prepare for her role as drug addict Debbie.

The flame-haired actress spoke to four women who experienced similar issues to those of her character.

Susan (24) is now paying tribute to those women, describing their stories as "inspiring".

"I have met women in those situations for research and I really enjoyed that," she said.

"It is hard but at the same time it's fascinating and these women are incredibly inspiring," said Susan, who earlier this year lent her support to a campaign run by support service Ruhama to raise awareness of prostitution in Ireland.

"They've come through circumstances where you say 'I couldn't survive that'; situations like that bring out the best in people," she added.

Susan, from Malahide, featured in the second series of the gangland drama, which was a massive ratings hit.

Troubled Debbie was the girlfriend of gang leader John Boy (Aidan Gillen), who was gunned down in the penultimate episode of the series.

In the final episode, viewers saw the troubled drug addict working as a prostitute.

Debbie makes a return for the new season -- and her descent into drugs and prostitution continues unabated.

"She's back into prostitution and it gets even crazier, and again there's all these new reasons why she's messed up," she explained.

Following the murder of John Boy last season, Debbie is now free to pursue her affair with gang member Tommy, who is in a relationship with Siobhan, the niece of gang boss Nidge.


"I think no matter how hard they try they can't really break free from each other because they have this attraction and this weird desire to be around each other," Susan said.

However, it won't be all sweetness and light for the pair as they struggle with their personal problems and Susan has hinted that Tommy will not be her only love interest this season.

"Although Debbie is a lonely character, she's never really alone. She's got a lot of different men coming in and out of her world."

Susan has enjoyed the challenge of playing the character.

"There were a lot of challenges but I obviously adore the character; I love playing these complex characters and I'm quite picky."

And Susan says that she has set herself such a high standard with her current role that only certain parts will do in the future.

"It's kind of annoying; I've set myself a really high standard and now I'm very careful at what kind of roles I take.

"I'd rather not work than work at things that aren't at the level I've been at lately," added Susan.

It seems Susan will be in luck, as life is set to get even worse for Debbie as her addiction spirals out of control.

While show creator Stuart Carolan has hinted that a fourth series of the show could be in the pipeline, Susan says that she would work with the talented writer on any production.

"I would definitely do Love/Hate and anything he is involved in," Susan told the Herald.

"I just love how he writes and how he finds inspiration from the actors as well as the characters."