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Ray quits radio for TV3 job...with move to London on cards

FORMER Big Brother star Ray Shah has walked out on his radio career for a TV role.

Shah revealed to the Diary that he has landed a gig on TV3 and is excited to start.

"I left Q102 after seven years of working there. I just think it's time to focus on my TV career. I got a job with TV3.

"I will be covering all the shows like I'm A Celebrity, Dancing On Ice, Ant and Dec's new show Red or Black and The X Factor of course.

"I have to keep all the social networking side up-to-date. I'll be Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the show saying who I think was good and what acts were bad."

The DJ added: "I'll be flown over to London for the X Factor and will be interviewing contestants. Then every Monday I'll be on Ireland AM talking about what went on behind the scenes at the show."

Despite being a regular on Q102, Ray said it was time for a change and he had to consider what was best for his own career.


"I've been there seven and a half years. They gave me my big break into the industry after Big Brother, and the people I work with will be friends for life," he said.

"I was sad to go but I know that this will lead to something bigger. I've been dying to get back on TV because I have been trying to get back in there for the last two years. I was just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

"The last couple of months I've really had one foot out of the door with Q102. I really wanted a change for the last couple of months and I wanted to focus on the TV side of things. I want to get back on TV now on regular basis and build up my career," he told the Diary.

And it looks like Ray is also eyeing up a position on Channel 5's version of Big Brother. The presenter revealed that he has asked pal Brian Dowling to hook him up with a position on the show, as he hopes to move back to London full time.

"I'm not going to disregard the UK, because obviously now I'm going to get the chance to go over to the UK and even deal with the production companies over there. Even though it was a few years ago, it's just a case of me saying 'remember me from Big Brother?'

"So many Irish presenters do well in London. Like Eoghan McDermott, he's got a great gig now on The Voice with Kathryn Thomas, but he's also on London's XFM."

The talkative presenter continued: "In regards to Big Brother now I've been out of the loop, with Brian Dowling taking the main hosting gig. But I actually mentioned it to Brian recently. I asked him to say it to them that I would be willing to do some stuff with them whether it's for Big Brother's Bit On The Side or something like that.

"And I know Brian is going to say it now to the guys over there. It's great having someone like Brian being able to help because he can really push that for me over there. I get on really well with Brian so I know he'll do that for me."

The bachelor added that he has no real ties to Dublin so it would be easy for him to move over to London in the near future. "Relationship wise I have nothing holding me back here. A relationship is definitely the last thing on my mind right now. I just need to focus on my career right now," he explained.