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Rachel's terrified of giving birth

SOCIALITE and businesswoman Rachel Kavanagh (28) is so terrified of giving birth, she's having therapy to help her deal with it.

The owner of Rockstar Tan, who is due in January, has revealed how she has "an unnatural fear or hospitals" and reckoned it was time to face her fears head-on.

"I decided on hypnotherapy to help me overcome this fear and look forward to the birthing process," she explained.

"I did a one-day course with Katie Jane Goldin and found it amazing. You have to attend with your partner so if they are also nervous about the birth, it's a great source of relief for them also. I practise the techniques I learnt every evening for 10 minutes and I have relaxed immensely towards the idea of labour."

After her first baby with long-term partner Shane Magill, Rachel feared she would let things slide on the fitness front, so she has continued to hit the gym.

"I still try to get in two to three workouts a week with my trainer Niall Hobbert who specialises in fitness during pregnancy. I do light cardio on the treadmill and then gentle weights, concentrating on areas that will be the hardest to lose the weight after the baby.

"Statistics show that it can allow for an easy labour and faster weight loss once you have given birth."

The entrepreneur, who used to be in Fair City, is also keeping busy with her fake tan distribution business. She's writing a baby diary chronicling all her experiences for Irish Tatler.