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Rachel Weisz voted top marriage material

Actress Rachel Weisz has been voted the woman who men would most like to marry.

The star of The Mummy and The Lovely Bones beat Keira Knightley into second place, while Kate Winslet was third. Jordan, the pneumatic glamour model, received just one vote in the poll by Esquire magazine.

Dawn French, the comedian and actress, topped the list of the best women to go for a drink with, while Cheryl Cole was named the woman who men would most like to sleep with.

Weisz, 39, professed herself thrilled with the accolade.

"Oh my God! Really? That's so funny. I'm marriable. But I'm not married!" she said, joking: "I was getting worried that the men didn't like me any more, but your readers' poll puts my mind at rest."

The actress is engaged to Darren Aronofsky, director of The Wrestler, and they have a one-year-old son, Henry.

Recalling their first date on Coney Island, Weisz said: "There's a prehistoric rollercoaster there called The Cyclone. It's made of wood and literally falling apart. It's kind of a museum piece. It does not look safe in any way. It really terrified me. But I felt like it was an initiation test and if I said no I wouldn't be his. I think it was probably the best date of my life."

Asked to name her other dream men, Weisz chose Mark Ruffalo, her co-star in 2008 film The Brothers Bloom. "Everyone falls in love with him: women, dogs men... he's very magical. A lot of fun."

She also named Bill Nighy and Jimmy Stewart, explaining: "I almost can't bear it when Katharine Hepburn picks Cary Grant at the end of The Philadelphia Story. I would always pick Jimmy Stewart, every time."

:: The full results of the Women We Love survey are in the February issue of Esquire, on sale Thursday.

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