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Quality time here with new baby is music to ears of stage star Jason

FORMER Neighbours star Jason Donovan is set to spend some quality time with his three-week-old daughter Molly when he touches down in Dublin next month.

The Herald can reveal how the star, who will be starring in The Sound of Music in Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre, is looking forward to spending a month in Ireland with his family and bonding with his daughter, who was born on March 9.

The star will also be joined by his wife Angela and their two older children Jemma (10) and Zach (9).

Jason (42) will take to the stage from April 11, playing the lead role of Captain Von Trapp, in The Sound of Music and says he's looking forward to exploring the countryside during his visit.

"I am really looking forward to my visit to Ireland, I know the cast are all very excited," Jason told the Herald.

"My family are going to be with me the whole time and we've got Easter over there so we're all really looking forward to doing some sight-seeing during the day when I'm not on stage.

"This is certainly the longest time any of us will have spent in Ireland so it's exciting, especially with the new baby.

"It's tough being a new dad when you're 2,000 miles away. I've been on the road since January with the exception of two weeks off after Molly was born so I can't wait to spend some proper time with her.

"We'll have the car with us and we're staying out of town in Kildare for some of our visit so we're going to do a couple of things locally," he added.

Jason went on to explain how he was stunned to hear that his former Neighbours co-star Kylie Minogue had caused such a stir during her visit to Dublin last week.

Broadcaster Sile Seoige found herself in the spotlight after tweeting a sexually explicit post about the artist's performance on stage.

"I heard she was over here alright," Jason explained. "I hadn't heard that though [Sile's tweet].


"That's great. It just goes to show the queen is back," he added.

Jason himself has enjoyed a successful stint on stage in recent months, having starred in War of the Worlds at the O2 last November.

The talented performer says that his current role is one of his best yet however and admits that The Sound of Music can often be stereotyped.

"It's an interesting character and an interesting piece," he said.

"I think it's a very intricate story and there are a lot of elements to it."