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Puppy love for Rosanna and little Ted

THERE'S a pitter-patter of tiny paws in the home of Rosanna Davison and her boyfriend Wes Quirke.

The couple have welcomed a new addition, an adorable puppy named Ted, into their home.

The 11-week-old pet is currently ruling the roost at their Foxrock apartment as he stamps his mark on his new home.

And the former Miss World (26) said her famous father Chris de Burgh is particularly enamoured with the fluffy dog and has been popping in for regular visits.

"We just got Ted last week but we had been discussing getting a Pomeranian for a while," Rosanna explained.

"We wanted a small dog but one with a really fun character and who would come out for long walks. We were introduced to Ted and fell in love -- he looks like a really fluffy little teddy bear.

"He's super cheeky but thankfully hasn't been chewing on too much of the house as he's been given loads of chewy toys from family and friends who absolutely love him. My dad keeps finding excuses to drop in for a cuddle with Ted," she joked.


The top model, well known as an animal lover, was left "heartbroken" a few months ago after the passing of her beloved dog Milly, whom she had since she was just 11 years old.

She said she found it really tough to cope in the aftermath of the loss of the black Labrador, who had been the family pet for 15 years. However, new canine pal Ted is putting a smile on her face these days.

Getting the new pooch is also a sign that her and Wes' romance is continuing to gather pace, given that the pair quietly moved in together more than six months ago.

The pair have been going out for more than four years and are one of the best-known couples on the celebrity circuit.

Yet Rosanna was quick to shoot down speculation that their moving in together signalled bigger things coming down the line for the smitten pair.

"I've definitely got no plans at the moment to get married. Everything is good. I'm really enjoying living with Wes and it's great," she said.

The fitness fan has even been trying to encourage her boyfriend to give up his bad habits and eat more healthily now that they live together.