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Proud granddad Bertie set for family visit to Kingdom

Bertie Ahern is set to spend the long weekend holidaying with newlyweds Cecelia Ahern and David Keoghan and their young daughter Robin in Kerry.

The proud granddad explained how he is looking forward to taking some downtime with his daughter and her husband of just over six weeks in the relaxing surrounds of the Kingdom once he leaves Ballybrit this evening.

"Cecelia's really enjoying married life," he explained. "They were really happy with how the wedding went.

"We're all going to spend the weekend together in Kerry so I'm looking forward to that. It's nice to get away from it all for a few days and there's nothing like an eight-month-old baby to make you feel young again."

But the doting granddad says there's no sign of any further additions to the clan any time soon.

According to the former Taoiseach: "Cecelia has her hands full with her little one and Georgina's kept busy looking after the twins.

"Nicky's been working away with the band all summer so they're all well and very busy."

The Drumcondra man, who is a keen racing fan admits he had a couple of winners so far -- but is hoping to up his game this afternoon.