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Property crash had to happen -- TV's Dermot

TV architect Dermot Bannon said the property price crash "needed to happen".

"It was crazy the way prices went up and up. It made me worry if my own children would ever afford a house. The price drop really needed to happen," said the famous RTE architect.

"People can afford to buy again. Things should not change too rapidly. I can't see the property market going anywhere unless the economy picks up," he said.


The well-known Dubliner, currently working on the sixth series of Room To Improve for the autumn, said he is delighted with the success of the television show which topped the TAM ratings at 610,000 viewers during the last series.

Viewership continues to grow as people can't get enough of stories about householders seeking to transform the quality of their homes with renovations or extensions.

"People everywhere just can't move house any more because they are trapped with huge negative equity. They are stuck in houses that they never intended to stay in. So they are building on extra bedrooms for their children and doing the best they can," he said.

"I'm working incredibly hard on the new series. My wife Louise is expecting our third child in June which we are really looking forward to. But I'm so busy I'm only planning to take three days off when the baby arrives," he told the Herald.

"Switching the show to hour-long episodes was great as it has allowed programmes to proceed in a slightly more relaxed fashion. In the next series, we'll actually be featuring a new build for the first time," he said.

The new series will feature homes in Dublin and around the country.

And he said he has huge sympathy for householders who discovered that big cracks in their walls and floors were caused by concrete that contained pyrite.

"Personally, I know three couples who had pyrite in their homes. They are all now back in their homes after getting the work done without having to pay more. It was negligence that caused it," he said.