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Presenters whining about pay who never mention their nixers

HERE'S some news for you. Noel Kelly is not an agent to the stars.

He looks after Ryan Tubridy, Maura Derrane, Craig Doyle and Claire Byrne but no, his website clarifies his job in cringeworthy detail.

"Not to be confused with the proverbial 'agent to the stars', the NK management team treats its clients like brands themselves, planning activities to avoid over-exposure yet giving the public consistently what they want and expect from celebrities".

Well, that's clear.

What is less clear is Kelly's recent complaints in relation to the clients on his books.

He is unhappy with the criticisms being dolloped on RTE broadcasters for their six-figure paychecks.

Some RTE stars are struggling to pay their mortgage repayments - perish the thought.

Let's go back three years. In 2008, a big feature was written about Noel and his 'talent'. There was an impressive photo of the television Godfather with several of his clients standing behind him, arms folded and looking like something out of a "showbiz" mockumentary.

Kelly posed with Grainne Seoige, Craig Doyle, Diarmuid Gavin, Ryan Tubridy, Dave Fanning and Holly White.

The camera should have been positioned lower so that not only metaphorically, but in actuality, they could have been looking down at us.

Today, all these broadcasters are on less money and Kelly thinks the backlash against the salaries of RTE broadcasters is unfair.


He says: "We have people struggling like everyone else, trying to get an interest-only mortgage and not being able to get one, having to sell their car. This idea of them living in this ivory tower on huge wages is simply not true."

I'll tell you what is true. There is no way the public can have any sympathy for broadcasters. They have had it so good for so long. Even with the cuts they have had to take, they are still making money that allows them a great standard of living.

There is nothing unreasonable about the criticism of the big salaries. If we consider that President Barack Obama earns $400,000 a year (€292,000) that means Pat Kenny, Ryan Tubridy, Marian Finucane, for example, earn more than one of the most powerful people on the planet.

And let's not forget that some of the big RTE earners also make money in other areas. As Noel Kelly puts it: "Commercial opportunities carefully selected to complement the brand identity".

As I put it -- very lucrative nixers .

Sure presenters have lost work, just like everyone else. Yes, their hours have been cut back and their salaries slashed, just like everyone else.

But I would say Kelly's clients, including Tubridy, Craig Doyle, Dave Fanning, Grainne Seoige, Diarmuid Gavin, Maura Derrane and Claire Byrne are doing fine and dandy.

And those who aren't -- well why don't they get a temping job, find another career, start something new, get off their arse.