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Pregnant Una keeps up fitness levels with walks


una fitness

una fitness

una fitness

Voice of Ireland coach Una Foden has revealed how she's adapted her exercise regime since becoming pregnant with her second child.

The Tipperary singer has just joined the hit RTE show and the pressure will be on to look good in front of the camera.

But she said that since she found out she was expecting, she continued exercising, but just not as intense.

"My approach to fitness during my pregnancy has been very different and not as strenuous," Una revealed.

"I've been doing lots of walking and swimming and I'd love to give yoga a go as it looks amazing."

The Saturdays singer explained how her pregnancy started off really well because she was so fit while preparing for the band's Greatest Hits tour. "I've just come off tour with The Saturdays and I was very, very fit in preparation," she said.

"We were dancing all day every day and had an hour and a half on stage."

As well as exercising regularly, Una also maintains a balanced diet - although she does allow herself some treats as well.


"I eat very healthily and I love using my juicer to whiz up fruit and vegetable juices," she said.

"As for treats, I don't have a sweet tooth, I'm more of a savoury person and love salty foods," she admitted.

"At home, Sunday is takeaway day and we have Indian, pizza or Chinese.

"Obviously I don't eat as much as Ben," she said of her rugby star husband (inset with daughter Belle).

However, despite expecting her first baby boy with hubby Ben, Una (33) shows no signs of taking it easy.

Not only is she a coach on the Irish version of the top talent show but she's also the face of Reebok's latest range.

Although she recently told the Herald that her pregnancy won't affect her appearance on the show. "I'm in a really good stage of pregnancy, I've lots of energy," she said.