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Pregnancy can't keep Sarah away from gym

MODEL Sarah McGovern is set to give birth in just two weeks but is still hitting the gym, the Herald can reveal.

The glowing mum-to-be is due to welcome her baby in 10 days' time but said that the impending labour hasn't stopped her from training.

In fact, she has been working out more to prepare her body for the birth.

Sarah (30) said: "I have been keeping really fit all throughout the pregnancy. I was adamant to keep up the training. I use a personal trainer twice a week.

"He said at the end of the day I have to think of labour as a marathon so I need to train.The more stamina and strength you have, the better and easier the labour is going to be," she said.

Sarah said that although she can't do certain strenuous exercises, she has been focusing on pilates and swimming to help her body relax.


"I can't do sit-ups, but I do a lot of weight training and lunges, and working on the ball, that's been keeping my core tight as it's working the stomach muscles.

"I've been doing pilates as well one night a week and a bit of walking and I've been doing a lot of swimming towards the end."

The catwalk queen admits that she's hoping that her efforts to stay fit will help after birth.

"On the other side of things I'm hoping my body might snap back a bit easier afterwards."

Sarah is hoping to give birth without painkillers. She's taking part in a midwifery scheme aimed at a natural birth.

Sarah admitted that she hasn't decided how long she will be spending at home with the baby before heading back to work at Andrea Roche's agency AR.

The model says she doesn't want to rush back to work.

"I'll take a good few weeks off if I can. Andrea's like 'I'll have you back by October'," Sarah joked. "We'll just have to see, I've no idea what's going to happen."