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Potter star Evanna lands controversial new role

IRISH actress Evanna Lynch is to star in a controversial new movie about a bisexual thief turned serial killer.

The 20-year-old star is best known for playing quirky Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies.

Now she is to play the role of the daughter of an aristocrat who becomes bewitched by her family's wise older butler.

The butler who is, in fact, an expert conman will be played by 68-year-old British actor Malcom McDowell, who starred in cult classic A Clockwork Orange.

It's a major role for the Co Louth actress, who put a place studying French at Trinity College on hold to pursue her dreams in acting.

After being accepting by the university to study there, Evanna told the Herald: "My mum really wants me to take up the place but I'm going to America to meet with some agents and see what happens on the work front," she said.

"I feel like if I don't do it now I never will and I want to grab every opportunity that comes my way right now."

And the risk has paid off now that Lynch has landed a role in this highly anticipated movie.

The indie crime thriller tells the true story of Archibald Hall (aka Roy Fontaine, played by McDowell), who was a bisexual jewel thief, conman and serial killer. It will chronicle Fontaine's story, following his journey from life as a teenage petty thief to serial killer. The flick will centre around Fontaine's mental deterioration and eventual arrest.

Lynch's character Fiona will become seduced by Fontaine as she confesses her doubts for her upcoming marriage to the man she sees as a wise confidant.

Longing for risk and excitement, Fiona soon embarks on a dangerous and reckless affair which leads to betrayal and tragedy.

Stars such as Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan, and Joanne Whalley are also set to feature in the indie-drama. Lord Of The Rings actor Monaghan will take on the role of Fontaine's lover in the flick while Oldman is set to play Wiggy; a taxidermist who is Fontaine's partner in crime.

The Scotland set movie is to begin shooting next months and will be directed by Douglas Rath from a script by Peter Bellwood.

Rath has already directed a 2010 short on Fontaine - also entitled Monster Butler - which starred McDowell and was also scripted by Bellwood. The movie is due for release in 2013.