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Pop's party queen goes Gaga after hitting the Irish whiskey

Lady Gaga is clearly a gal after our own hearts when it comes to her fondness for hitting the town.

The platinum blonde, who wowed fans with her eclectic performance at Oxegen last month, obviously hit the bottle with a vengeance this week, judging by her latest Twitter post.

She was obviously indulging in her love of all things Irish, as she said: "Just woke up, headache and the stink of Jameson ... ahh but the lyrics on the bedside. it was all worth it."

She has previously said she reckons we're a nation of party animals: "I love coming to Ireland because you have such great pubs. And I love going to them to meet my friends for a drink."

She won over a legion of music lovers at Oxegen last month with her 'out there' performance.

Clearly not one lady who's shy in the bedroom, she told the crowd: "People say that Lady Gaga is always talking about sex. That's because I love it!" The show-stealing starlet also delighted her male fans by displaying her pert rear in a skimpy metallic corset.

However, one Irishwoman who will definitely be crossing her off the Christmas card list is former Moloko singer Roisin Murphy. She recently claimed that the pop sensation stole her iconic look from her. The Arklow-born singer stated: "She [Lady Gaga] has copied my style, she took my shoulder pads and all that.

"Mind you she doesn't wear the bottom half!"