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Please stop saying I've had a lip op, pouts Georgia

GEORGIA SALPA'S getting bigger by the day -- or at least her mouth seems to be growing.

The Dublin model was snapped at the Catwalk to Mount Kilimanjaro launch with noticeably fuller lips, fuelling rumours about whether the brunette had work done.

However, the model today insisted the claims were untrue.

"I'm actually really upset about it -- my lips don't look anything like that. You'll see from the next photo call I do that it's totally untrue," she told the Herald.

Georgia turned up to the party at Harry's on the Green alongside model pals Roz Purcell, Louise Johnston and Daniella Moyles, and while she wowed the crowds with her show-stopping smile, there definitely seemed to be something different.

However, Calum Best's girlfriend denied speculation that she had had cosmetic surgery on her face -- or anywhere else:

"We've finally moved off the boob issue and now I'm being asked about my face -- I haven't had anything done to my face," Georgia insisted. "I was wearing lip liner and lip gloss and that's what made my lips look bigger.


"When I look back at the pictures, they look huge, but I haven't had any work done. I don't mind so much about the boob thing because people always assume that about slim girls."

Salpa's former agent, Assets' Derek Daniels recently criticised models who he claimed were "destroying" their faces by feeling the need to succumb to lip injections.

Georgia took a break from her intense training for the charity climb to spend a romantic weekend with her new beau at his home in London.

The pair -- who met during TV3's Celebrity Salon -- have been close ever since the series. The loved-up couple were seen dining out at swanky London restaurant Nobu on Friday night.

Womaniser Calum also spoke out last night to say it was possible to mend his heart-breaking ways: "The change for the better between me now and 4 years ago is extreme," he said.