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Playing to Croke Park crowd will wow 1D, says Niall's dad


Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

HE's yet to make it to a match at the GAA's hallowed grounds, but One Direction star Niall Horan will play the "biggest gig" of his career when the band rock Croke Park next summer.

The father of the Westmeath singer has revealed that the 19-year-old has never attended a match fixture or a pop concert in the massive arena, which is the fourth largest stadium in Europe.

"The only time Niall was in Croke Park was when he auditioned for the X Factor in 2010, but that was in one of the conference rooms. He wasn't on the pitch or in the stands, so I know he's going to be amazed at the size of Croke Park," dad Bobby Horan told the Herald.

The Mullingar man said he was unaware of plans for One Direction to play three dates to 80,000 fans a night on May 24 next year at the GAA HQ. "Niall has only spoken about one gig. I don't know anything about three concerts at Croke Park. This is news to me," he said.

His pop star son recounted his X Factor audition at Croke Park in 2010 to his 11 million followers on Twitter. "I remember the freezing cold standing in the queue at Croke Park Dublin at 5am, on the 15th of April 2010 for X Factor. Incredible 2yrs," he tweeted.

Despite all of the success, Bobby said stardom hasn't gone to his son's head.

"The good thing is that he's still the same young fella that left our house in Mullingar that day in 2010," he said.



The Tesco shopworker revealed he was acutely aware that some parents, without jobs, might struggle to buy tickets for the Croke Park date, which are €59.50 and €79.50 inclusive of booking fee. But, in the 12-month lead-up, he thinks many tickets will be bought as birthday and Christmas presents.

However, Bobby could well be seeing his son Niall perform at more than Croke Park on One Direction's Where Are We tour, which will visit countries as far afield as Peru, Brazil and Chile.

"I'm hoping to join Niall and the few lads on the road. I get on great with them."

Harry Styles revealed the fondness the band has for Niall's dad at one of their O2 shows last March when they dedicated Blondie's One Way Or Another to "Bobby Horan, a great man".