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Playboy teacher Jenny takes a test for TV break

SHE'S just returned from the Playboy mansion to her day job as a biology teacher but is Jenny Dixon already getting itchy feet?

The Irish teacher spent the summer in Hollywood and despite returning to the humdrum of correcting copies and giving out homework, it seems fame just won't leave her alone.

Jenny has been offered the chance to audition for a new show for broadcasting giant Fox. She has been hand-picked to audition for a part in an upcoming series.

The aspiring actress returned from her summer of parties at the Playboy mansion this month to her day job as a teacher in a North Dublin boys school.

"The casting director of American Pie contacted me this week and said he would like to audition for this new show," Jenny revealed.

"While I was in LA I read for him and I honestly thought I would never hear from him again.

"He emailed me and asked me how I was doing and said he really wants me to come in and read for him. I'm not too sure when it's going to be, I might fly over to LA during the mid-term break in October or I might have to do the audition over Skype."

The Dublin model also revealed that she has been busy filming for two Irish movies since jetting home. Jenny says she feels lucky to be able to work both here and in Hollywood.

"I'm so busy it's amazing. I've had even more meetings and auditions this week. I've filming a movie in Cork called Where Letters May Fall which is directed by Kevin O'Neill.

"I've also got another feature film in the works, also being filmed in Cork, where I will play an assassin. I can't wait. It's great that all the producers here know I teach so they work around my schedule and I never miss a class."

And despite Jenny's double life, the aspiring actress says she is definitely on the look out for love.

"I am single, I definitely wouldn't say no to someone right now. But at the same time I am really busy right now. I would need somebody who can appreciate a busy lifestyle.

"I believe that whenever you meet that special person they stand out so that's what I'm thinking right there."