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Playboy model Jenny will go back to school

SECONDARY school teacher turned Playboy model Jenny Dixon is gearing up for a return to the classroom.

Jenny, who was a guest at Hugh Hefner's Midsummer Night's Dream Ball in his Playboy mansion over the weekend, said she still thinks about her students while on her two-month sojourn in sun-kissed Los Angeles.

Speaking from her LA home, the aspiring model and full-time secondary school teacher says it's hard to forget her students at her north Dublin school

"Part of my mind is always on my students back at home. Sometimes I'll just be out walking and I'll think of the results coming out soon," Jenny (28) told the Herald.

"I like to send them positive vibes across the water and wish them well in their results. I do live in two worlds, but I'm always thinking of both," she revealed.

Jenny can't get enough of LA, revealing that she is constantly going to auditions and she has landed a top role in a play and a TV pilot.

"Today I start rehearsals for a new TV pilot called Crazy Diamonds and I'm currently doing a play called The Dark Side Of The Moon, which is based on the story behind Pink Floyd's music."

But Jenny will swap her VIP parties and photo shoots for blackboards and schoolbooks when she returns to school in September.

When asked would she stay put in LA if she was offered a lucrative role, Jenny said she likes leading her double life.

"The ideal is always the mix of Ireland and LA. That's what I've been doing for the last few years and it recharges me. I'm also getting work in Ireland. I've already got some scripts sent to me, I'm booked in for a few jobs when I get back."