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Plastic surgeon scanned me, then said I needed Botox, says Caroline

Budding actress Caroline Morahan has been advised to have Botox to improve her image in LA.

Caroline (33), who moved to Hollywood last year, said that plastic surgeon to the stars Dr Robert Rey approached her about cosmetic surgery.

The former Off The Rails presenter will host TV3's The Cosmetic Show: What A Load Of Botox alongside the surgeon.

She told TV Now that Dr Rey asked her if she had had any procedure to make her lips fuller.

“I never felt so conscious in my life because he was scanning every inch of me,” Caroline revealed.

“He asked me had I had anything done to my lips and I said: ‘You of all people should know I've nothing done'.”


Caroline has been overawed by the amount of people who have had plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

And she said that Dr Rey spoke to her about potential cosmetic surgery. “But he did advise me to inject Botox into my forehead, but I was like, ‘Eh thanks, but you're alright’,” she said.

“I don't have a problem with lines and anyway, I want to be an actor, and have the ability to express my emotions on my face.

“Thankfully, he didn't tell me I needed to be Lipo-ed.

“I don't want to be an LA Valley girl, which obviously involves getting some kind of plastic surgery. It's the norm for a lot of them.”

The former RTE presenter said that she was content to live in Old Hollywood where the stars of the golden age used to hang out. “I am loving it. So many of my friends told me it would take maybe a year to get settled in and you'll hate it till then but I'm settling in really well,” she said.

“It's a lovely, leafy part of LA and I'm only minutes away from gorgeous walks in the hills and the beach is not too far away and the mountains and skiing is close by as well. It's amazing, and I'm appreciating every minute.”