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Plans to let Jedward loose on Britney

Jedward's ongoing obsession with US pop princess Britney Spears has reached a whole new level -- and may have even bagged them a new documentary series.

The Diary can reveal that the former X Factor Grimes twins are in talks to do a second series of their recent ITV and TV3 hit, Jedward Let Loose.

And, according to insiders, one of the ideas being banded about would see the 19-year-old twins chase their Toxic idol all over the US in a desperate bid to meet her.

An inside source revealed: "Producers are actively looking at new ideas for a second series of Jedward Let Loose.

"They are seriously considering letting them run wild after Britney in LA with the cameras catching their every move as they try to meet her.

"They are totally obsessed with Britney -- they are huge fans and are really excited about the prospect of tracking her down and introducing themselves to her.

"They really believe they'll hit it off with her and become good pals," she added.

Against all odds, the ambitious Lucan twins are continuing to go from strength to strength and have just inked a lucrative deal with X Factor sponsors Dominos Pizza.

The twins have teamed up with the fast-food giant for its new online €19.99 twin deal, which will be launched nationwide on Monday.