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PJ sets tongues wagging after his night on town with bevy of belles

Businessman PJ Mansfield set tongues wagging over the weekend after being seen with a plethora of beautiful women during a night out on the town.

PJ joined many of the social scene's leading lights to help Xpose presenter Glenda Gilson mark her 30th birthday at the Pink.

But although he was spotted leaving Town Bar & Grill accompanied by a gorgeous blonde, the Diary can reveal that the businessman is still 100pc single.

Despite setting tongues wagging that he may have moved on from his split from Andrea Roche, pals say he has yet to strike up a new relationship.

He and Andrea split up more than a year ago, and while she is now dating Rob White, he is still on the market. In fact, the young beauty he was seen leaving the restaurant with was none other than Olivia Kenneally, who's dating one of his friends.

"A gang of about 20 of them all went to Town Bar & Grill to help Glenda celebrate her birthday, all of her old Castleknock crew were there," said a source.

"PJ is good friends with her boyfriend Rob McNaughton, they would know each other for years, so he was one of the guests.

"But even though he was seen walking out of the restaurant with another girl, she's just a friend. PJ isn't looking for another relationship right now."


She added: "Everyone had a great laugh, they gave Glenda a birthday cake in the restaurant before moving on to the Pink, where more people joined them."

After enjoying a meal at Town Bar & Grill, which is partly owned by Glenda's ex, Johnny Ronan, the group headed en masse to the Pink on Dawson Street to continue the fun.

They were greeted at the door by Glenda's pal Robbie Fox, who had sectioned off an area of the club for her birthday bash.

The Xpose presenter, clad in a pair of skinny blue jeans and a black T-shirt, was joined by dozens more pals at the club, but the invite list was close friends and family. Among those helping her celebrate the milestone birthday were her parents Aileen and Noel, alongside brother Damien. He was there with his girlfriend Ciara Hughes and a group of their pals.

There were also plenty of models in attendance -- Kristi Kuudisiim with boyfriend Daryl Downey, as well as Suzanne McCabe and her new fiance, Rob Buckley.

Other attendees included Mark Kershaw and former Lillie's Bordello hostess Tara O'Connor, who was there with her hubbie Andy Reynolds.

A few diehard guests went on to Lillie's Bordello to continue the fun, but Glenda stayed in the Pink with Rob before heading home.

- Melanie Finn