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Pippa is more of a friend than a stepmum to Chloe

RTE presenter Brian Ormond has revealed that new wife Pippa O'Connor is more of a friend to his daughter Chloe than a stepmother.

The Sing host (32) says the pair have become close friends and Chloe (11) may even follow Pippa down the catwalk.

Chloe, Brian's daughter from a former relationship, has already appeared in top stage shows in The Gaiety and recorded for a brand new animated TV series. Brian says she always comes to Pippa for tips.

"She doesn't see herself as a stepmum at all, they are more like friends. Chloe is always doing stage shows and she will come back and ask Pippa about products she saw other girls use and asks should she be using baby wipes to take off her makeup and what way should she wear her hair, things like that."

The proud father said that Chloe may take to the catwalk one day as the schoolgirl has also been approached by top model agent Andrea Roche.