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Pippa is backing Brian all the way to triumph in Big Brother

TOP beauty Pippa O'Connor is backing her good pal Brian Dowling to win this year's Ultimate Big Brother.

Rathangan native Brian (32) is the hot favourite to emerge victorious from the last edition of the Channel 4 reality programme.

And Pippa, who shared a bed with him in TV3's reality show Celebrity Salon, has said she's confident that he'll triumph again.

"I really have no doubt that he'll win it," she said. "He's a great guy to live with and I'm not surprised he's so popular.

"He's very easy-going and what you see is what you get with him. There's never a dull moment when Brian's around, he's great craic."

She also reckoned that some fellow housemates, such as Makosi Musambasi and transsexual Nadia Almada -- both evicted last night -- had felt jealous of the Kildare native's popularity.

"You could see that earlier this week with Ulrika (Jonsson) was saying how she was sure he would win it, Nadia just looked disgusted and made a face. I think they all know that he's the one they have to watch out for," she said.

Model Pippa (25), who's also from Kildare, said she couldn't really see the former Ryanair flight attendant, clashing with any of the big personalities in the house as he's such a laid-back character.

"There's very little that winds Brian up and he would rarely explode about anything. The way he is on camera is the way he is in real life, there's no big act.


"I would love if he did win it because then he would have come full circle with the programme where it all started for him and he would see that people still really like him, even nine years on."

Prior to going into the house, Brian insisted: "I don't expect to make it to the final because I'm not the person I was nine years ago. I don't believe you can win it twice. There's always someone who deserves to win it and I think it ought to be someone who represents what Big Brother is."