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Picture that shows why 'real' people are turning off Tubridy

IS IT any wonder that Ryan Tubridy has lost touch with regular people?

The man who's supposed to lure housewives and working people to his show turns to the stuffy Irish Times for his views on the world.

If that's not bad enough, he drives around in a top of the range Jaguar saloon car. Hardly the acts of someone in touch with goings on in the real world.

But then again, the separated dad-of-two, who's on €533,000 a year, was never likely to know what it's like to struggle with money.

RTE is hoping the private school-educated South Co Dublin boy will be able to bring back the tens of thousands of viewers and listeners he's haemmorhaged from his two shows.

"He's going to have to get over his obsession with JFK, the Beatles and Gay Byrne. The slagging off he's been getting from Jim Jim Nugent on FM104 has hit a few nerves in RTE and Ryan has been told to get his act together -- fast," said an RTE insider.

My humble advice?

1. Do and read what ordinary people do, Ryan, and stop being such a toff.

2. Be more in touch like your hero Gerry Ryan.

3. And, dare I say it, the Jag and the Times should be the first to go!